Imagine. Design. Build.

DG Design Group is a full-service Design Build firm comprised of an in-house design team, project managers, licensed contractors, architects, structural engineers, and beyond. Our expertise ranges from luxury build, residential, commercial, retail, multi-unit and apartment buildings. We have everyone and every resource you need to see your remodeling expectations designed and built to perfection. We simply take your home and elevate it into your dream home. We have completed over 90 projects of stunning residential remodeling. We have been successful, due to the team of professionals we have put together and the way we in which we execute each project. We are your single source for experts and single point of accountability for every detail.

Imagine. Design. Build.

DG Design Group is a full-service Design Build firm comprised of an in-house design team, Project Managers, Licensed Contractors, Architects, and beyond. Our expertise ranges from luxury homes to residential, commercial, retail, multi-unit and apartment buildings.

Our reputation of exceptional design precedes us. In just 9 years our portfolio exceeds $58 million in overall construction costs, resulting in vendor partnerships with several trusted brands. These brands offer us savings on high-end finished materials, which is then passed on to our clients.

We have completed several projects throughout several cities in the Bay Area, which has made handling permits, planning, zoning at any city a task we can handle with confidence and competence.

Women owned and operated, we are proud to be based out of Oakland CA working on projects all over the San Francisco Bay Area




 Diana George, Founder


Diana is Founder, Designer, and has oversight of client relationships. She consults homeowners through the overwhelming process of home renovation by walking them through a proven system. She has done over 90 projects in the last decade, which has given her a profound knowledge base and consistent success within the Real Estate Investment Industry. She was formerly the Co-Founder at Artemis Investments focusing on Acquisitions, Extensive Renovations, and Syndication. At age 33 she founded the successful real estate brokerage Vault Realty Group, a real estate brokerage that focused on real estate investors, which was later acquired by Century 21 Real Estate Alliance.

Diana is a published author and continues to present at speaking engagements all over the Bay Area advising new and seasoned investors on how to be a profitable investor in any market. Diana has been featured and/or quoted in WSJ, BBC, Forbes, Associated Press and several other national publications in regards to the real estate market, investments and economy.

Ashleigh Laub, Design Project Manager

Ashleigh brings years of design and construction experience to our team. With a degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University, she spent 7 years with an ENR Top 100 Contractor in Los Angeles working on a wide range or projects, including the California Science Center, a concrete mansion for a private client in Malibu and hundreds of units at the University of California, Irvine. She was the Design and Project Assistant at Artemis Investments where she used her talent for design to create unique and beautiful spaces in each project she worked on, as well as staying organized for the entire team and managing many different aspects of multiple projects at once. Prior to joining Artemis Investments, Ashleigh has been completing renovations all over the Bay Area with a focus on design to create stunning spaces. Her organizational skills paired with her construction experience, her keen eye for design, and her ability to pull it all together make her a key part of our team.

Michelle Lathrop, Assistant to Project Design Manager


Michelle Lathrop earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating, Michelle moved to New York City where she handled the administration and re-design of the historic townhomes known as “Maisons Deux” on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. After several years she returned to her hometown of Lafayette, CA and continued to work as a design consultant on a number of residential home renovations while obtaining her Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of San Francisco. Because of Michelle’s education and experience in psychology, she has excelled in client and customer service roles at UnitedHeath Group, serving clients at Apple, Wells Fargo and the University of California. Michelle’s administrative and communication skills combined with a passion for design makes her approachable to work with. She has a unique diplomatic attitude which allows her to assess and interpret custom renovation needs based on each client’s individual lifestyle.