Michelle Lathrop (Project Coordinator)


Michelle Lathrop earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating, Michelle moved to New York City where she handled the administration and re-design of the historic townhomes known as “Maisons Deux” on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. After several years she returned to her hometown of Lafayette, CA and continued to work as a design consultant on a number of residential home renovations while obtaining her Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of San Francisco. Because of Michelle’s education and experience in psychology, she has excelled in client and customer service roles at UnitedHeath Group, serving clients at Apple, Wells Fargo and the University of California. Michelle’s administrative and communication skills combined with a passion for design makes her approachable to work with. She has a unique diplomatic attitude which allows her to assess and interpret custom renovation needs based on each client’s individual lifestyle.